Cellulite is the cheese-like lumps and dimples that are clearly visible on the thighs and buttocks of most women. They can cause embarrassment especially when a woman wears a bathing suit. There are many treatments available but most of them work only for a short time.

Dermatologists conducted studies to find the best cure. Below are the latest remedies to get rid of the lumps on your thighs and buttocks:


Cellulaze is one of the latest methods to remove the lumps and ridges on the thighs and on the buttocks caused by execess fats. It involves targeting the tissues on its source. Small openings are made on the sides of the leg so that the areas with fatty tissues can be reached. The laser is then fired to the tissues to get rid of the fats. Because this is a mildly invasive procedure, patients need to be sedated so that they will not feel the discomfort or pain. The results can last for 5 to 10 years.


This method of getting rid of excess fats involves the cutting of the connective tissues using an oscillating blade. Patients need to be sedated during the procedure. Results can be observed right after the treatment and can last for a long time. Cellfina is FDA-approved, which means that it is safe to use.


To get rid of fat cells, platelet-rich-plasma is injected into the skin. The platelet-rich-plasma increases the production of collagen which thickens the skin and promotes the growth of new tissues. Because the skin is thickened, the cellulite cannot be easily seen. This procedure is cheaper than other cures and can last for three years or more.

Carboxy Therapy

For this treatment, fine needles are used to inject carbon dioxide just under the skin surface. The carbon dioxide is believed to promote the .production of collagen and improve blood circulation. Fat cells become distended, causing them to die. The veins dilate, allowing smooth flow of blood to all parts of the body, resulting in a firmer skin.


This is one of the latest methods of removing excess fats that lie just under the skin and appear as dimples and lumps. Profound involves less invasive procedure using very low radio frequency. People who have tried Profound were able to experience great changes in the appearance and texture of their skin. The dimples and ridges disappeared and are replaced by a firm and smooth skin. Profound is approved by FDA.


Zwave is one of the newest remedies for cellulite that has been approved by the FDA. The treatment involves the application of strong radial shock waves to the affected part. The shock breaks the tissues on the targeted area and the excess fats collapse. After several sessions, the dimpled and lumpy parts flatten and become less noticeable.


This technique removes fats from affected areas without inserting anything on the skin. Heat is applied right into the fat cells using radio-frequency energy. Even if it hits a wider area, only the fats are destroyed. No pain can be felt during the process, just a warming sensation. Patients can easily see the effects right after the treatment.

With these newest cellulite treatments, you will be able to get rid of those embarrassing ridges on your thighs and buttocks. The effect might not be instant but by having regular sessions, you will have a smoother and firmer skin.